Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Tale of A Cowgirl

I ambled into the old Saloon and sat where my Daddy sat. I remember one day a pretty lady passing by and he said, “One day you’ll look like that.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled down my hat, kicking dirt in the old Saloon. I knew in my heart no lady would I be, just a lonesome old cowgirl running wild and free.

I looked at my Daddy as I dug my heels in the sand and looked him square in the eye. I said, “I ain’t no lady, nor will I ever be. I want to grow up and ride with the wind where ever it takes me.
As I entered into the old Saloon, I sat in my Daddy’s seat. I looked around as I felt his hand, and his presence surround me.

Digging my heels in the sand, a tear welled up as I wiped it with my sleeve. I am my Daddy’s girl a little wiser you can see. I am all grown up, without my Daddy beside me.

Maybe it was sand in my eye cause crying just wasn’t me. I felt my Daddy pat my hand as I stood up to leave, knowing in my heart that he was still proud of me.

As I swagger out the old Saloon I nod my head to say, “I lived my life like a man, no lady could I be, but in my heart and Soul, I knew my Daddy still loved me.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

This story was written after visiting Ghost Town in New Mexico and watching a play between a brother and sister team that robbed Banks back in the Old Days and the Sheriff had a shoot-out with them, killing the brother. The sister was a tom-boy and rough as they come. She played her part quite admiringly, sticking by her brothers side as she shot the Sheriff and killed him. I got into the RV and this poem came to me. I am partial to this poem because it sounds so true to someone's life that lived back in the Cowboy days.

A Handsome Cowboy

I met a man just by chance and wondered who he was.
His get up was a little strange from what I had known.
He had on tight black jeans, and tall black boots with a hat to match as well.
His shirt was black with roses red which I found to be quite strange.

He strutted in unaware that I was checking out his style.
He was so polite, and gentle as no man I had ever met, yet I knew not his name.
He returned day after day and we talked, although he dressed just the same.

He had no horse, so ‘Cowboy’ was not his name.
His silver car was a sleek Trans Am with an Eagle on the hood.
It matched his personality as he far outstood any other man that I had known.

Though not understanding his attire, his attitude was grand. He didn’t need a horse or a Trans Am, just to hold my hand.
He had already won my heart with the gentleness of a colt. No man had ever been so kind, nor made me feel more loved.

I found hope in my heart that he would be my man.
We danced the dance of friendly words as we fell madly in love.
The time was quite short before we were sure, that we were meant for one another from Heaven above.

Now, I have that handsome Cowboy without the hat that he wore.
Though in his heart he dearly loved it for what it stood for; freedom to dress and be as free as one whom he truly was. Though giving up his tall black hat showed me his love.

But I lassoed in my Cowboy with all of my charm, and married him quite quickly, without twisting his arm.
Our love has grown and withstood the test of time.

Twenty-five years we have loved as one, and ‘Cowboy’ could be his name, for we have two Arabians oh so fine; who are such a delight to ride.

So, for all the distaste for the clothes he wore, he still is mine.
With a little taming, he now has a name.
Not Dicky that his family called him, that had to be changed.

Combined with mine, we are intertwined as lovers just the same. If you want to check us out, just call us by name, Tammy and Richard Lesley, we always will remain.

He is my handsome Cowboy and protector just as well; my love for him is untamed and will never fail.
Our journey on this trail has been one of love walking hand in hand as we grow from our love.

With love in our eyes and a smile on our face we have grown wise to the ways of the world, working day to day to meet deadlines and let life unfurl.

Just hold on for today no matter what comes, and night time will gently unfold as you hold me in your arms.
Love is what matters when you are with the one you love, especially the one you thought you’d never meet and become as one.

He has my heart in his hand and his love I hold dear, for without his reassurance, I would be no one.
I hold his love in my heart while he is away at work, and pray for each moment that he return safely each day.

I love you Richard with all my heart, and hold our memories dear, for without our love for the world and all the things we’ve done, I am sure that our love would not have been so interesting and fun.

Thank you for the memories of each and every day.
Thank you for the love we share, for without you dear, I would not be the same.

The songs that I hold dear to my heart totally describe you in my heart. ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘Unchained Melodies’ are our songs and will always be.
'Unforgettable’ that’s what you are though near or far.

I will never forget our love and thank God above for giving me such peace in this place and time.
Perhaps in our next life, we will be the same and come back as one again.
I will be holding my breath and calling out his name.

For in the future dear, I wouldn’t change a thing except to promise never to change our names.
Does love last forever, or does it fade away?

Ask me ten lifetimes from now and I bet I will say,”He is my Cowboy, though Richard is his name.
There isn’t a thing he can’t do, so add Genius to his name.”

Living life together has been a game, that I loved playing and praising his name. One day I will make him proud of me as I sing our song, and write the words to describe the meaning of love to the World.

Looking back I wonder where I would be if we had not met and where I would be.
Would I be as happy as I am or would I have made a wrong choice and married a man that would have been half the man that he is today?

Written by: Tamara Lesley for her husband Richard Lesley

The Lonesome Cowboy's Trail

As I rode through the dessert all around me, were cactus and sand with lizards and scorpions scurrying to avoid me. With the sun in my eyes and the heat on my back, I was looking for a place to settle in for the night.

A long scaly rattlesnake with piercing eyes was lying underneath an old oak tree. He rattled his tail as I started to stop. I looked around and there was no outcrop of rock to hide me from the sun.

I needed a rest, and the sun glaring in my eyes just wouldn’t stop. This was the place I’d have to camp for the night, with no room for the snake and me throughout the night. I hated to vie for a fight but there was no choice with the hot sand around me. I knew that it had to be his life or mine to lose, you see.

His frightening rattled warning was enough for me; that shady spot I so desperately needed, I knew I would have to leave. "Rattlers’ have no mind to share," he whispered with a stare. I could keep right on going was all that he cared.

My thought to pull my trusty Colt forty-five and skin him alive was only that. As I eyed him, he sat up and spat straight at my eyes. He’d seen too many cowboys and now he was wise that I would try to steal his hide.

The scales on his hide a belt he could make, worth more than the money in my pocket, could I shake. I had him in my sight, thinking what a dinner I would have tonight. I pulled the trigger thinking that I could take him, when all of a sudden he jumped straight up at me. He grabbed my saddlebag and hung on, with his eyes glaring at mine, telling me to move on and leave him behind.

We were staring eye to eye, with him daring me to try. I sat there shaking and reading his mind. He was saying” Put down your gun, and I’ll release my bite. My hide, I am sure I will keep it tonight.”

Shaking in my tattered chaps, I rattled my old lucky spurs loud and hard. They were rusted on my old cowboy boots, as I prayed that this trick would work. If it didn’t, then I wouldn’t have a bite to eat or any place to sleep.

This fight I was in for I did not want, so I jangled them like a rattlesnake. The sound they made were of an old rattler looking for a fight. That was the last thing that I wanted tonight.

His response was to let go and slither away, not looking back sure that I wouldn’t stay. I hadn’t thought about my next move, I just picked up my gun and shot him through the head just praying and hoping that he was dead.

Dismounting my dear old horse I said, “Dude, you’d better pray that he is dead.” Dude nickered with a sigh knowing that I had a good eye and could shoot a fly right off a can.

I strode over to the snake and poked him with a long old stake; waiting for him to shake that tail that I feared, but as I looked down I could see that he was dead.

His Spirit lie there waiting for me to give thanks; and offer him to the Sun. His only wish was to let his Spirit be one with the world as his thoughts disappeared. For in the game of life, it is an honor to preserve life if you lose the game. He knew that it was time to lose his life.

I immediately pulled out my trusty old knife and carefully skinned his hide and as I admired it, I hung it out to dry. His meat was nice and tender and just what I needed; for I hadn’t had a decent dinner since I left my wife back home for the night.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

God's Children

A Sunday school teacher decided to have her young class memorize one of the most quoted passages in the Bible, Psalm 23. She gave the youngsters a month to learn the verse.

Little Rick was excited about the task - but he just couldn't remember the Psalm. After much practice, he could barely get past the first line.

Then came the day that the kids were scheduled to recite Psalm 23 in front of the congregation. When it was his turn, Rick stepped up to the microphone and said proudly;

"The Lord is my Shepherd, and that's all I need to know."

The congregation all laughed and clapped for little Rick. He took a bow and went to sit down. Susie stood up and said; "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want." Just then little Rick stood up and said; "Hey, wait a minute why shouldn't I want, doesn't God want me to have everything that I want?"

He was very serious so the congregation grew silent and waited for the Sunday School teacher to answer his question. The teacher stepped up to the microphone and said;

"Yes, little Rick God does want you to have the things that you need and yes, sometimes the things that you want."

Little Rick said; "Now, what else does God have to say from the Bible?"

The teacher motioned Tommy up to recite a sentence from Psalm 23. Tommy took his place in front of the microphone and cleared his throat so loudly that the speakers screeched loud enough for everyone to hold their ears but they all had a good laugh about it.

Tommy took a step back and began reciting the rest of Psalm 23. He said; "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters."

He turned to hand the microphone to Ronnie when little Rick took the microphone and said clearly; "Why would God make me lie down in the green grass if I'm not tired and then lead me to the still waters if I am not thirsty."

It seems that little Rick was thirsty for the knowledge from the Bible in Psalm 23. Ronnie walked up and took the microphone from little Rick and said; "If you will listen to all of it, you might learn something. God just wants you to rest and have a drink of fresh, clear water."

He continued; "He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake."

"See little Rick !" Ronnie began, "He let you rest so that you wouldn't be tired and, then he took you in his path into his arms, for his name is God and he loves you." Little Rick nodded like he understood what Ronnie was saying.

Patty stepped up for her verse. She recited; "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Little Rick shuffled his feet for a moment while his eyes filled widely with terror and said out loud; "Man, there ain't no one gonna lead me through the shadows of death, I'm gettin' outa’ here!"

Little Rick bumped into Patty knocking her down as he jumped across the alter and ran for his life out of the Church and ran all the way home. The Church congregation didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

The Sunday School teacher stepped up and said; “If that doesn't scare the devil out of him, I don't know what will." The congregation laughed nervously thinking this little memory game had gone down the tubes.

By then Patty had picked herself up off of the floor and dusted off her pretty little pink dress and proceeded to recite Psalm 23 word for word without anyone else interrupting.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Patty smiled sweetly and bowed. The congregation clapped for her and then Ronnie stepped up and said;

"I don't know about you guys but I was just about to run home with little Rick. Then God says that I have to eat with my enemies and wants to pour oil over my head. I hope to God, that goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life after going through all of that. I think that we deserve to live in the house of the Lord for ever after enduring every thing that we would have to do."

The Sunday School teacher took the microphone and apologized for not explaining what Psalm 23 really meant to the children. She said that she was just trying to get them to memorize parts of the Bible. She was laughing and crying at the same time and said;

"I really don't know what convinced me to be a Sunday School teacher but, I have learned one thing and that is to make sure that the children understand where Bible came from. It is made from stories from long ago, and the verses were written by men just as the men in the Church. I will go to little Rick's house now; I believe that I have some serious explaining to do."

This story was started by Big Daddy Cash and I finished the story after about the first two sentences.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

Wild Horses

'Cowboy' is my name and ropin' is my game. Riding old Dusty we searched by day watching for the many wild mustangs. We ride endlessly throughout the day and into the dusk, not finding the trail that we must, herding mustangs that you can't trust.

Contracting cowboys are hard, tough ridin' men working for payday from the Boss for food and fun and life that they trust. Sorrels, paints, chestnuts and black in color we watch quietly for the stampeding of the stud leading his band of mares. Today was a bust for there was not a whinny from one mustang hoss.

Sitting by the fireside and listening to the men, the six of us exchanged tales of all our wanderlust. Hearing the crackling fire and brewing up a stew we anxiously await for our portion of grub. A knicker from 'Old Tango' tied beside my horse alerted us to an uncertain noise as we quietly pointed to Tom to check out the intruder.

As he crept to the horses we uttered not a word, waiting for some of the mustangs from the herd. Tom swung his lasso through the wind as it bent and whistled he dropped it over the head of a young filly. She reared up and pawed the air, kicking and bucking and screaming for the stud. Not one of us could be heard as they wrangled and fought one another with the force of emotions from filly to man to lessen his hold.

Tom let out a low whistle meaning to craw into the horses without a sound. Ducking and cursing the tree limbs that surrounded us, we managed to sneak up to a wonderful sight. There stood Tom hanging on for dear life, his little filly didn't want to be part of his generous life.

A scream throughout the night was heard as the stud came crashing along the trail with the restless mares. No time for laughter, not even a rope, we jumped onto our horses and surrounded the nosey little filly corraling her into the middle.

As luck would have it we had left our gear still on the horses for fear of a stampede into the morning light. A few hours earlier they were looking for the lost baby in the herd. 'Midnight Black' we named the stud because he was massive and looked as mean as a big wild cat. The filly was dragging Tom by now and he was yelling as loud as the mean stud.

We surrounded the filly and caught her with ease as Tom threw his rope right over the stud. Holding onto him with all his might he stayed with Midnight Black for the entire fight. Tom was twisting and turning and writhing in pain as he held onto the rope for as long as he could.

His leather gloves were wearing thin as he walked his hands up the rope to the horses' neck and with a leap he was on Midnight Blacks' back. The stud was raring, bucking and screaming as Tom was fearfully holding on for his life.

Midnight Black had never encountered a man so strong and determined before. He fought with all his might to rid himself of this giant form of a man named 'Cowboy.' Tom struggled to stay astride his best with all of his might. He wrapped his arms around his neck and entwined his gloves in the longest mane that he had ever felt. Midnight Black was wearing out and began to slowly burn out.

Tom regained his strength and smoothly and quietly righted himself on the stud. He spoke soft words of love and the wild Midnight Black began to understand that he liked the wranglin' man on his back. He stopped for a moment and remembered his fright when he gave a buck that threw Tom a full foot into the whistling air. With the wind knocked out of him Tom landed against the stud of his dreams and decided to ride out this circus of and man and equine.

Cowboys were closing in to surround the Midnight Black and back him into the old corral. Tom nodded to move to the side as he laid his head on the stud with a wicked smile. He knew that he had won the fight and that Midnight Black was back with a fight.

They jumped and flew through the air with one last fight to make it fair. Tom rode his prize into the 'Okay Corral' and friends of Tom's closed the gate with a sigh of relief because it was so late.

Tom dismounted and left the rope dangle, softly stroking him with the end of the rope. Midnight Blacks' eyes were blazing but you could tell that he was truly amazing. He pawed the ground and knickered with a laugh. You could tell he was ornery but had a sense of fairness and fondness for the man who had truly fought him back.

Nowadays you can see the stud running the herd with Tom riding bareback, the two of them leading the wild gang into the 'Okay Corral' to be tamed and gentled with loved. Tom had found his mount to be fair and light of flight. Midnight Black worked hard day and night for his food. Trusting Tom he kept his word that he would work for his love and his food understanding the bond between one man and the love he so depended upon.

Many a filly and a colt can be found throughout the land on your farm or with Midnight Blacks' old background. If you find one who is rank and mean, remember Tom and Midnight Blacks' night of dreams as they fought to lead and learned that they could become a wonderful team.

A dream that everyone could own a horse and have some fun with, large ones, mean ones and ones that were fair, Midnight Black remembers he was once there.

Thank him for your horse because he is the Gand Daddy of all men's equine friends. Gentle your horse and treat him with love because Midnight Black is watching from above.

written by: Tamara Lesley

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Live For the Moment

Live for the Moment

I would say to you, to take life easy day to day.
If that is too difficult, live for the moment.

That is all that matters what is happening in
this time and space.

All of your worries and fears will be allayed if you will believe
in you.

For today is such a small spectrum of your time; which builds upon all other experiences in your journey through life.

What is important is the love that you give to you; to complete
the circle of unending love given to you from God above.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

Feeling Your Touch

Feeling Your Touch

When you touch me I tingle with love,
Your gentleness is from Heaven above.
I feel your love as you caress me in
your arms and, know that you love me
and all my charms.

My heart sings with songs of love as you
stroke my hair.
I close my eyes thinking of you and relax
in your arms.

My world calms and cascades around
me with peacefulness and love as your
gentle touch transforms me with love.

Written by: Tamara Lesley