Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Dear Mommy, written from a Newborn'

Dear Mommy,

Feeling the warmth of the womb I feel safe. I feel the movement and sounds which I do not understand or think about lying here. I have the freedom of movement, sleeping, waking up and even sucking my thumb. I am free to stretch, kick and even smile. I am in my own little world developing sensations and feeling vibrations as I lie here in your womb.

Time is passing and yet I am unaware of what awaits me. I have no knowledge of the birth process yet I feel the urge to find the right position head down after an eternity of being comfortable in this warm and cozy place.

Lulled by movement and the warmth of the womb, I am growing silently without making a sound except for a hiccup, a yawn or maybe even a frown. Sometimes I think I might be crying but I don’t know what that is.

Sensations of love and the arrival of Spirit complete me as I am receiving my Soul unaware that there is a reason for me being here in this warm and comfortable space.

My Soul has the choice to come and go as my Spirit ventures into the world leaving my body and entering at will. My Soul is on a journey unaware to the world. I cannot be seen or heard but I come into your world just to learn.

The God Source who sent me has filled me with love as my Soul is preparing for the journey of which I am awaiting.

My growth is complete and I find myself cramped when all of a sudden I am disturbed with small squeezes at first. The birth process has begun and I am concerned with what is to come. Small squeezes gradually turn into hard pushes as I fight to stay to stay in the womb with the world far away.

My senses are awakening and I am afraid, I am angry now because I want to stay. Squeezes and pushes cause my head to crown and now I can hear many strange sounds. Suddenly bright lights are all around with hands and pushes urging me to enter the world.

Sounds of my Mothers voice reach my ears as I hear her cry and rejoice for joy of giving birth to me. Many sounds of amazement and bright lights give me sensations of fright as I open my eyes and mouth to cry. Taking in a deep breath as I cry out loud surprising myself with sound. I open my eyes and look around and wonder why and what is happening to me.

My Soul has filled my heart with desire to lie next to my Mother that just delivered me here. I want to feel the warmth of her body lying next to me holding me in her arms.

My journey through life has just begun and I feel my heart filling with love for the world and everyone. Not knowing my destiny now is of no concern to me just now. I am just happy to be born and in this place they call the world of love. I love you Mommy for giving me life. Thank you God for allowing me to come to Earth.

Your Newborn Baby

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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