Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Tale of A Cowgirl

I ambled into the old Saloon and sat where my Daddy sat. I remember one day a pretty lady passing by and he said, “One day you’ll look like that.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled down my hat, kicking dirt in the old Saloon. I knew in my heart no lady would I be, just a lonesome old cowgirl running wild and free.

I looked at my Daddy as I dug my heels in the sand and looked him square in the eye. I said, “I ain’t no lady, nor will I ever be. I want to grow up and ride with the wind where ever it takes me.
As I entered into the old Saloon, I sat in my Daddy’s seat. I looked around as I felt his hand, and his presence surround me.

Digging my heels in the sand, a tear welled up as I wiped it with my sleeve. I am my Daddy’s girl a little wiser you can see. I am all grown up, without my Daddy beside me.

Maybe it was sand in my eye cause crying just wasn’t me. I felt my Daddy pat my hand as I stood up to leave, knowing in my heart that he was still proud of me.

As I swagger out the old Saloon I nod my head to say, “I lived my life like a man, no lady could I be, but in my heart and Soul, I knew my Daddy still loved me.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

This story was written after visiting Ghost Town in New Mexico and watching a play between a brother and sister team that robbed Banks back in the Old Days and the Sheriff had a shoot-out with them, killing the brother. The sister was a tom-boy and rough as they come. She played her part quite admiringly, sticking by her brothers side as she shot the Sheriff and killed him. I got into the RV and this poem came to me. I am partial to this poem because it sounds so true to someone's life that lived back in the Cowboy days.

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