Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Angel at the Foot of the Bed'

I lay sleeping soundly in my bed, when I just opened my eyes.

There at the foot of my bed stood an Angel above me with

love in her heart, and tears in her eyes.

I blinked twice to realize what I was seeing was true, and I blew her a

kiss and told her that I would be alright.

I asked her to heal me and chills went down my spine, knowing

in my heart that healing was mine.

My Angel smiled and blew me a kiss, as she just disappeared before me.

I wasn't sure if I had dreamed of this lovely Angel, or if she had appeared

in my dreams.

I prayed to God that he heard my prayer and thanked him for sending his

loving Angel to reassure me of my plight, that I was well and would soon

be alright.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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