Monday, July 12, 2010

'As Time Goes Quickly By'

'As Time Goes Swiftly By'

Born as a baby the clock starts ticking,
ticking endlessly and waiting for no one.
We take our first steps and then we are off
and running with time at our heels.

Going to school and sharing lunch and fun
with the children at school we notice that we
are growing up and time is slipping by.

Becoming a teen-ager we can’t wait to grow older,
we want time to pass by quickly so that we can
make our own choices and our own mistakes.
Make no doubt about it, time does go by swiftly.

Soon we find ourselves married, and with children
we look back and wonder where the time went.
We remember when we were just children laughing
and playing without a care in the world.
Yes, time does goes by quite quickly.

Now, our children are almost grown and we ask our
selves when and where did the time go.
Was it by trickery or merely a passing of time without
our paying attention to it?

Time goes by quite quickly and soon we are in the
middle of our lives looking back wondering about
the mistakes that we made; the good and bad
choices that we made along the way.

Growing older each day we are reminded that time
is slipping quickly by and we hold our breath and want
to cry for all the bad choices that we made.
As time goes by, we know that the end is near
and pray that somehow we touched the lives of those
we hold dear.

We pray that they never forget us and hold us in their
heart and that they don’t make the same mistakes as

As time goes by our lives pass before us remembering
the good and bad times and we are thankful for our time
that life has allotted us.
For you see, time does goes swiftly by.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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