Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Journey of Love'


Let me take you on a journey to places you’ve never been. Close your eyes as we sit and let me hold your hand. Listen carefully to your heart as it beats with mine. Together we will travel hand in hand through time.

Breathe in a little deeper now as I do the same, for I am releasing my love as we play this game. There was a time when we first met that I knew not your name. Yet, it didn’t matter as I watched and listened word for word, your actions were the same.

No pretense of who you were, nor who you wanted to be. I was just content with you sitting there with me. I opened up my heart to sing songs of love and hope, wanting for this to go on. As you kissed my hand good night, I sighed with wistfulness for the day that you would be mine. My heart was fluttering with delight of finding a Prince in the night.

I dreamed that night of sitting with you, as you held my hand. I remembered word for word the conversation that we had. I trembled with anticipation that you might be Mr. Right, to share my life with, as we walked hand in hand.

As we sat on the porch swing and you held my hand, I loved looking into your twinkling eyes, and your easy smile. Just being with you made my life worthwhile. I felt comfort in your presence and the plans we made as well. We talked about the past and our dreams of the future as we accomplished many things.

I felt my heart skip a beat as we met each day. Knowing in my heart that you were the one, and prayed that you felt the same way. Love is a gentle road that leads two lovers hand in hand to a promised land that forever more you would hold my hand.

Our day of becoming man and wife truly frightened me, knowing in my heart that not all love is meant to be. So many have tried and failed at love, as they became selfish in their ways, and forgot that they are one and parted their ways.

I made a promise to myself that we would never part though hard times may fall. I would work on my shortcomings and try not to be at fault. I am your Princess and you are my Prince to lead me through this life and love only me as your darling wife.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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