Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking Into the Mirror

While applying my make-up I looked into the mirror
not recognizing the young face that I used to take
for granted.
I searched for the young woman that I used to be;
quite beautiful and enchanting.
Age is changing my features and adding lines to my
face much to my dismay.
Does this make me more mature and natural looking
as they say?
I search my face for who I used to be and what I looked
like back in the day.
The days when raising my children was my love of life
and choice.
The days that I didn't have time to notice the beautiful
face that I once had but let it slip away without even
acknowledging the beauty that I felt.
I felt beautiful sharing my life and love with my children
and forgot to see what I looked like, now making my heart
Life has a way of changing things, it quickly does it's magic
or so it seems.
Memories of a beauty whose face once just beamed.
Where did I go? Who did I become? How do I erase the lines
creeping upon this face?
Smiling, I make a mental note to call my Plastic Surgeon for
one more session of Botox to put my smile back in place.

Written by: Tamara Lesley
my novel can be found at:, title: A Chosen Journey


  1. You don't look a day over 30, where did you find the fountain of youth. Now take a look at me on the other hand, the more wrinkles the better. Don't you think all the wrinkles, the grey beard and the long white hair make me adorable. WOW, BDC

  2. Thank you William for the compliment. I do a lot of facial work on my face daily although you are pushing age back quite a bit. lol
    I have been to the Plastic Surgeon three times and he charged me $500. for injecting the Botox around my eyes and lips. I found a friend on the Internet that sells me Botox and a numbing cream that I use to inject the Botox myself. She only charges $130. in case any of your readers want to know how to reach her. I will share her number with you. The numbing cream works about one inch deep and you don't feel the Diabetic needle prick at all. This lasts for 3 to four months and she sends a picture to show you where to inject.
    As for you Big Daddy Cash you fit your name perfectly. I love how you look, your face fits your name and you look like an Artist, Story Teller and a Poet. I wouldn't have you look any other way. I send you my love.
    Tamara Lesley