Monday, July 12, 2010

'Idle Chatter'

As you sit near, you hear me say,

"Did you forget to wash today?'

Dry the dishes and go to bed.

Put out the cat, you better obey!

I mutter and mumble, don't know

what I say.

Please utter a prayer for me today.

You look at me so feeble with age,

You shake your head and don't know

What to say.

Just touch my hand and share your light,

And then I know I'll be all right.

In my mind as I wander away, I long for

Things of yesterday.

I wrote this poem after visiting a Nursing Home and an
elderly lady rambled on, living in the past. My heart
went out to her so I wrote just what she said.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

1 comment:

  1. You have done a fabulous job on your page I am proud of you. Your poetry jumps right out and bites you, it is easy to read and like always well written. Tammy forgive me for not commenting more. In your letter you asked about Lady, I couldn't reply because lady had just died. I am so heart broken and the tears just won't stop. My Lady was my best friend and constant companion. When I get up to let my dogs out Lady is usually the first but when she didn't come I went back in the bedroom to wake her, she was stretched out in the bed where she sleeps right along side of me only this time she wasn't sleeping she was dead. Tam I just can't stop the tears. I worked today but I wasn't able to talk to anyone. If I tried I'd get all choked up. I have lost three of my dogs in the last two months. My little puppy Princess died of parvo and Bear died of old age and now Lady died with no warning. God I miss them. My four legged family have kept me alive because I couldn't die and leave them, without me they wouldn't survive. I'm not the tough guy everybody thinks I am, I am so broken up over this and I can't stop the tears. Nobody will ever understand just how much my sweet Lady meant to me...