Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I took a walk to the Park today just to breath in
the warm fresh air.
I heard birds singing songs of life.
I saw a Lark sitting in a tree singing songs of
love looking for a Wife.
I sat down on the Bench, leaned back and closed
my eyes taking in all the sounds.
I could feel the vibrations of life surround me
as I heard children laughing, birds singing and yes,
even old men mowing their grass.
The smell of grass wafted to my nose with such a
wonderous smell.
The clouds are in a mass hanging over our heads
bursting full of rain.
The heat has brought the rain to cool our beloved
Earth down.
I opened my eyes to a wonderous sight of dark clouds
hovering over me with the sun shining brightly behind
those dark clouds.
I stood up and admired the Sun, the clouds and the
the birds singing love songs in the sky up above.
I began to walk quickly back home before the showers
While walking briskly I began singing happily,
"Singing in the Rain," with a bright smile on my face.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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