Friday, July 9, 2010

Joe's Cafe'

Sitting alone in Joe's Café staring at my coffee I slowly stirred it with the little plastic straw that the waitress with the short brown hair placed before me. Absently I was waiting, waiting for whom I did not know. I only knew that the terror of lonesomeness was killing me just as if I had twisted a knife in my heart.

These feeling's were real although very infrequent. I stared at the coffee, willing someone to come sit with me. I wondered why they would when I looked like a drowned rat after standing in the rain before deciding to enter Joe’s Coffee House.

I watched indiscriminately as a few couples walked in laughing and enjoying a joke between themselves. The loneliness was there, aching like a pain in your heart that you can't get rid of.

Jealousy is my name today, how I longed to be one of them in their crowd. Wiping tears from my cheeks and sitting there after three coffee's, I saw him enter. He seemed uncertain as if he wanted to be here. I prayed to God that he send him my way.

I thought there is a man that could pique my interest, an ordinary man, indescribable yet attractive to me. Our eyes met and I lowered my head ruining the moment. I cursed myself for not smiling.

Nevertheless he meandered to my table and asked if I were waiting for someone. I assured him that I was, but that he could sit down for a while. Shrugging with half a smile he sat down and apologized for intruding.

Looking into his eyes as quickly as I could I saw an interest for my thoughts. He asked what I was doing sitting here by myself. I hoped that this was a sincere caring question from a man that I had not a clue about. Still, I hoped that his interest in me was genuine.

I answered looking for companionship and a friend that I could pour my heart out too. He said that his heart was aching for a friend and perhaps we could fulfill each other’s needs.

He slipped his hand over mine and I felt a chill as if I were sitting in the morning snow. He smiled slowly at me as I dared to look him in the eye and smile back. The ice was breaking between us and I felt that we were beginning a friendship that would last as long as any one else’s, and perhaps forever.

He said that he was a writer and never seemed to find the time to go out. He had made himself go to Joe’s tonight. He needed to relax and find himself a new horizon to set his sights on. Thoughts of new books were coming rather slow these days and he was despondent for that reason.

I almost laughed if that was his only trouble in this world. I needed a friend that needed me; I knew that I could fit his expectations. After all, I was attractive when I smiled and wanted to be interesting. There were many things that I had done, and many places I had traveled so I knew that he would find me intriguing.

I glanced up at the dark night sky for we were on Joe’s night terrace and I thanked God for my fortune and my lucky stars. Perhaps this was my Knight in Shining Armour? Perhaps, but he needed to be a little oiled and polished to satisfy me. However, I knew he was for me.

I was so thankful that God had answered my wish. Unknowingly I had pulled him to me that night with a will that I had never experienced before. My thoughts and beliefs in me had brought him to me through my faith in God and my Angels.

Sitting there the silence between the two of us were many golden moments. I relished it and I am sure that he did so also. It seemed as if we were reading each other’s resume and the answers were complimentary to what we needed. Our silence was beckoning us to leave and get to know one another more intimately. He suggested that we go back to his place that was right around the corner. Nervously, I agreed. For some reason I was not afraid of him and knew that this was the man of my dreams.

Leaving with a stranger that had no name was not my style, however; I felt safe in his arms and he lovingly caressed my hair staring into my eyes that had lost their fear. We went to his place around the corner. The little brownstone was small and unobtrusive but it was his style. There was a gentle elegance about it that I new that I could fit into.

I admired that he grew ivy on the brownstone and had tiny pink roses twining up the wall. He smiled and unlocked the door waiting for me to enter. I entered and was mesmerized by the beauty and serenity that I felt. Our fate was sealed and we were content to have found our true love from just a wish and a thought of better things to come.

Cautiously I allowed him to remove my coat as I took in the view of his home quickly. His computer still on, had a screen of fish swimming lazily by. I sat down. The sofa consumed my tired body as he made me tea. I felt like the fish, lazy and comfy.

I was finally home. His feelings showed the same thoughts. Now, was the time to get to know one another. He whispered something in my ear, which I did not hear, but it didn’t matter. What is in time but a fury of words, and a time of emotions to pass between two people looking for solace? We exchanged some of our life and decided some of it could wait.

Hanging up his coat and closing the door, he sat beside me and handed me my tea. I knew then that he had also given me his heart as I had given mine to this total stranger from Joe’s Café. It fleetingly drifted through my mind where I would be were it not for Joe’s Café; for I had been at the end of my rope with sadness.

Thankfully I had found solace in a man that would hold me dear to him and not push me nor ignore my thoughts. We together were going to work on a story line on our wonderful meeting in a little nighttime Café.

I knew in my mind that things were moving way too fast but somehow it felt right. In my heart I could feel the love between us like a comforting white cloud in the blue sky. Cuddling on the couch we made plans to move my clothing over tomorrow to begin a new life of love, friendship and romance between the two of us.

Love was all consuming and just what we both needed. I thanked God in my heart for leading me to Joe's Cafe' the same night that my new lover decided to get out of the house for a brief moment. I knew that this was meant to be and that we would marry one another and grow old together.

Sometimes you can find love at strange places and awkard times. When you find it, you will know it just by the feelings of energy that pass between one another. Love was in the air and we both knew that we were meant for one another.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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  1. I love these stories Tam, I feel like I have returned home. You don' have to post them both here and on western stories however it does give them more exposure. If I were you I would use your page for your special stuff. However you are free to do as you like. I'm just happy you are here. LOL, BDC