Saturday, July 10, 2010

Marriage is a contract that binds two hearts as one, accepting the other’s faults and good deeds they have done. Dreaming and anticipating that two halves combine, makes loving one another grow bewitchingly with time.

Many situations may arise that cause tempers to flare and knowing one another teaches us to care. Fighting the despair and agony of ones actions’ gives us two reactions that we can share. There are two paths to take, and deciding is your choice. Your will is your own, and the chances that you take will lead in the direction of love or utter hate.

Patience is a virtue and forgiveness is divine, that will bring you closer as you love with time. You may choose hatred and you will see that ugly vine that entwines you like a snake and squeezes your love dry. The only action that is required if your marriage is to survive, is to stand the test of time and try to forgive and remember love can survive.

Marriage is an institution that is built of many memories, some even bitter sweet. The idea that we are perfect and that the two compete, must be deleted and learn that giving is receiving just what we deliver to the one we find so sweet. Partners for life is our journey that can be traveled together if we only try. Love is forgiving and sharing happy times, along with discord and hard times that we endure.

Life is more than living for ones’own happiness, and must be shared quite willingly if we are to forget the little things that cross our path and make life hard to bear. Compassion and sympathy the two of you must share to learn the lessons of love that you chose to share. Listen and feel the heartbeat of your life with the company that you keep, for they are the ones that love you and never will retreat.

Give love a little time and water it with care. Soon you will find two old hearts sitting in a chair, knowing that they gave their love many chances to survive and won the battle that so many failed.

Listen and learn my friend, Marriage is work, give and take, sharing laughter and love makes your Marriage work.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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