Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Secret place called Story Land

Let me take you by the hand to a Secret place
I call 'Story Land.'

Hold on tight as we climb the Moutain where
my Cabin in the woods stands with pride,
waiting for the time I choose to visit.

This is my secret place where I go to think
and write.

This is my Haven of utter delight.
My mind is clear here as I write stories of love,
happiness and old stories written from long ago.

Let me take you a walk in the forest watching carefully
where we stride watching for Fairies, Fireflies and

The Fairies will surround us at night holding
hands, dancing and watcing the fireflies as they light
the way.

They will surround us in a circle and sing lightly
of songs of love so bright.
Their wings glisten in the wind as they dance to the
sounds of the dark of night.

Lets go deeper into the forest, I would like to
introduce you to my Wee friend who is a little

He guards his 'Pot of Gold' with his life as he sits
at the end of the Rainbow deep in the dead of night.

Everyone knows of the Leprechaun that sits with his
'Pot of Gold' at the end of the bright Rainbow.

Who would ever know that it ends deep into the forest
and the Glen, ending with my Wee friend the little

Do you hear the rustling of the leaves under the grand
old Oak tree?
Can you hear him tip toeing up to me as he giggles so
Listen carefully and watch as he appears quickly dancing
his magic dance and then he will disapear.

If we find him he will grant us one wish and then be gone
in a defining flash of light.

You ask me what I would wish for and I reply, "Why, to
be able to write poetry that will hold everyone's attention
for a while as we stroll through a mystery of Earths'
utter delight of the secrets of life and the Universe as
they unfurl.

Suddenly with anticipation of the rustling leaves my
Wee little friend jumps out with glee to see me visit the
Forest once more knowing where he lives.

He gleefully jumps up and down repeating over and over,
"Just one wish you can make! One wish and then I can escape
deep into the grand old Oak tree!"

I smile as I bow to him, telling him my wish for words
to come to me to entertain my Friends to be.

Rubbing our eyes filled with 'Fairy Dust' we see that we
are magically sitting on the old flowered Sofa so comfortably
back in the Cabin once more.

Leaning back and looking at you; I see in your eyes that
you can't believe what you just saw is true.

You can't believe that we took a walk in the forest and
saw beautiful Fairies, little Fireflies lighting the
way for us in the darkness of night to see my Wee little
friend Mr. Leprechaun.

"Unbelievable," is what you say as you breathe in deeply
not knowing what to say.

"Did we just talk to a Leprechan? Did we just see Fairies,
and Fireflies in the forest under the moon? " you ask?

"I assure you that we did and now that my wish is granted,
I am ready to write a Story of utter delight."

Welcome to my Secret place called 'Story Land.'
Come back again soon, and you will see that all the fairy
tales told long ago are really very quite true.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

Author of: 'A Chosen Journey' found at: Click on Books, type in the title and click on the book then you can browse through a novel of mystery and love.


  1. I'd like to visit this place called story land maybe it would give my imagination a jump start. As it is Tammy my favorite place and time to write is late at night when I am all alone and all the daily routines have been put to rest. Sometimes I'll sit for hours on edge writing anything and everything that flashes through my mind. Sometimes what I write is good but mostly it is just jibber jab. I like to write at least one poem everyday and sometimes I write more. I really enjoyed this creative thought of yours you have an imagination like an inquisitive child. God Bless you my dear and keep on writing. LOL, BDC

    P.S. The talking pictures are something I am playing around with to make the pic's cost one price and to make them talk cost another price all in all the program cost a little over $20. I am doing it on their free trial and I might cancel after 15 days.

  2. Tammy, you can make your own talking pictures for 15 days, Free. Visit
    LOL, BDC

  3. Tamm, I just noticed that you are not a member of the original ning site Fellowship of Writers. Please join I'm going to make it the main page. I'll invite you from the site. LOL, BDC