Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'We were Strangers Passing By'

When I saw you strolling by, I knew you saw me smiling as you walked by.
We were Strangers in the Street not knowing who we might meet.
You looked my way and flashed a smile, I felt shivers down my spine.
I knew then that I wanted you forever in my life.

We were Strangers just passing one another in the Street.
I wanted to know your name, I wanted to walk with you hand in hand.

Days went by before we would see one another on the Street.
Your eyes caught mine and I knew then that we would have to meet.
I felt excitement in your flashing eyes as you smiled at me crossing
the Street.

We were Strangers just passing one another in the Street.
I wanted to know your name, I wanted to walk with you hand in hand.

You stopped me and asked my name, I told you "Jenna is my name and
that having fun was my game."
You said your name was David and I smiled.
I told you that I loved your name.
I held back my thoughts from wanting to say, "Let's be serious
and not play mind games.

We were Strangers walking together down the Street.
I now knew your name, I wanted to walk with you hand in hand.

You asked me out for Dinner tomorrow night.
You said you felt that you knew me forever and didn't want to let me
out of your sight.
We enjoyed that night as you held me in your arms.
You lovingly kissed me as we said good-night.

I laughingly agreed that you had caught my eye.
I couldn't tell you that you sent shivers down my spine.
I couldn't tell you that I knew you were mine.
We walked together for a while sharing our lives and ambitions
for about a mile.

You told me you that you were looking for someone to love.
I told you that I knew I was the one.
You held my hand, oh so tight, you wouldn't let go for the
rest of the night.

We were Friends walking together hand in hand.
I wanted to know all about you and your lifes plans.

We shared our plans and our goals, together we agreed we would walk
hand in hand.
Hand in hand into the night, hand in hand throughout our

As time went by we bacame engaged, I was so happy I was going to be his
He was the perfect Man for me. We loved strolling together in the night.

Then one day someone knocked on my door.
Standing there were two Officers looking sad.
I quietly asked them what was wrong, one said "Have a seat, we have bad
news to give you tonight.
They shared with me the nightmare of my life.

They said my David was hit crossing the Street in the night.
He was holding my picture in his hand and on the back it said, "My love
forever to hold tight."

We were no longer Strangers walking down the Street.
Now he was in my Heart but could never again hold my hand.
My heart was broken, my life torn to shreds as I dreamed of him tightly
holding my hand.

As I slept fitfully throughout the night, I felt him so near but out of
I cried and cried out his name praying to God that it was a dream.

I woke up the next day, wiping my eyes and repeating his name.
I heard him call out my name, I heard him say,
"Jenna, the love of my life I will be with you when you walk in the night.
Have no fears for I am near, I am in your heart, I am in your eyes, I am
in your thoughts there are no good-byes."

We were Lovers sharing our dreams but disaster destroyed our lives in just
a moment of time.
Fate stepped in and ruined our plans; but somehow I could still feel
you in my heart as we walked together into the night with me whispering
softly calling out your name.
You come to me in my dreams sharing our love in the still of the night.

Written by: Tamara Lesley


  1. Hi Big Daddy Cash,
    Thank you for your most welcome comments. The poem could also be changed to a happier ending by stopping at: We loved strolling into the night.
    Next paragraph would be: We were lovers strolling hand in hand making plans about having little ones to share the love in our lives. We made plans for our Wedding and where we would stroll hand in hand on our Wedding night.
    This would make it such a happier love story but I went for the drama effect of their never ending love.
    Tamm (Tamara Lesley)
    Author of: A Chosen Journey my novel to be browsed through at:

  2. Tammy, your story is so emotional that it had me in tears. I could feel the depth of Jenna and Davids love. Somehow I knew before I got to the end what the ending would be. It was sad but you could feel foreverness in the promise of eternal love. LOL, BDC